Hey friends!

My name is Michaela, but since we're all friendly here, you can call me Kayla. ♡ I am a vocal teacher in Temecula California, while still performing locally at bars, wineries, events, and various shows. Performing is my first love, and I take every opportunity to do it. I perform as a solo artist, and also as a duo. I have two duo groups with two of my best friends!

In 2012, my friend Tori Sullivan and I started out playing a corner at the downtown Oceanside street fair. We created a fan base, used our guitar cases for tip jars, thus began "Hillside Valentines". I later met my second duo partner Taylor Tickner, through performing at a venue in Old Town Temecula. After opening for many bands and posting many videos on social media platforms, we got nicknamed "Smokin' Hot", and just decided to go with it. It's been fun starting off our shows by saying, "Hey guys! We're Smokin' Hot!"

After many years of traveling and entering competitions, I have decided to stay local and entertain the Southern California area only. Follow me through social media to see my upcoming events!